Saturday, June 28, 2008

Justin Martyr

I read the book, "The Four Witnesses" about a year ago and in this book there was a great philosopher and Christian, Justin Martyr. I was thinking about him just now as I was reading an article from that Matt G sent me to and Justin was mentioned there. His name keeps popping up in my life time and time again and I really feel drawn to this man's words and I am looking for some additional books with some of his writings and more information about whom he is?

Can anyone suggest any?


Anonymous said...

If you search Justin Martyr at Bartleby (see link in previous post) you will find a good paragraph about him in the Colombia Encylopedia. You will also learn that only two undisputed works remain: The Apology and the Dialogues. I didn't find them at Project Gutenberg (which surprised me a bit) but the best source for really ancient Christian texts is "Early Christian Writings". I found the "Apology" there (I didn't look for the other. Why should I have all the fun?) You can read it here:

Damien said...

Thank you Maggie. I appreciate the links greatly.