Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Weekend

We were pretty exhausted from the events of the last few weeks and like my knee, our spirits, our minds and hearts were simply battered and bruised.

Friday night the wife and I went out to eat. We hit Logan's Steakhouse and ate copious amounts of steak, ribs and shrimp and even though the place was packed... our table felt secluded in the sea of people and we just talked about everything. The wife obviously had a lot she had wanted to say as I was half done with my food while hers sat there and she was working on her salad.

I had to smile at one point and point at her food and suggest she try some, it was delicious.

She needed to talk however and that was really good.

We then took a stroll through the Avenue, which is the new shopping area in Murfreesboro. She wanted to look at a few things and we eventually ended up at Yankee Candle. We were just going to look, but we found some great smelling candles and I ended up having to go outside and sit on a bench. My knee was at this point absolutely screaming at me.

She was left alone... with my wallet.

Duh Duh Duhhhhhhh

lol it was not bad, she found some great smelling candles and generally while I love oils and incense more, these really made the place smell great.

We walked to Barnes and Noble for a few minutes and while I wanted to stay longer, I was exhausted. Well I should say my knee was, I was starting to drag my leg around at this point... ha ha

Our final stop at the night was a candy run at Wal-Mart. We had plans for Saturday to do something for our kids. We were going to surprise them with a movie, something we generally only do on NetFlix, but a nice Saturday matinee with my brood would be nice.

I really wanted to see Kung Fu Panda, however we were going to let the kids decide.

So Saturday rolls around, we don't tell the kids what we are doing and we arrive at the movie theater... they are jumping around acting nuts.

I tell them what movies are playing... and an almost unanimous response is.... cue Drum Roll...

Kung Fu Panda.


What a really great movie and my kids were sooooo good in this packed movie theater. Sure it is a kid's movie, but it also is not a playground. But they laughed and cheered with all of the other kids and they ate huge amounts of candy and popcorn.

The troubles and the pain of the last few weeks melted away, if not all the way... then a good portion. The wife enjoyed herself as well.

This was a gift to them... and a good friend of the family helped us do this. So to her, and she knows who she is... thank you. Your gift to us was a help to the kids and the wife and myself. There was sooo many smiles and laughter during this dark time in our life. The words I write simply cannot express the gratitude I feel for what you helped accomplish.

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