Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Return of the Swing

So... the world has changed, the music has changed, I have changed.

I guess the blog ain't so dead anymore.

Since I stormed out in anger... my uncle had suffered an aneurysm and was in a coma for a month back in fall.

The wife kept trying to comfort me as it looked more and more certain that he would die. She kept saying "Pray about it" and "God is watching him". I lost it... I actually told her that if there is a God he is going to have to prove himself to me. I wanted me uncle to sit right up and start talking, we as a family deserved some good news for once and I was sick of us being dumped on.

I had no faith left. I was drained and at the very bottom, I could go no lower. I passed the point where I had been angry at God, I was at the point where I simply no longer believed that he existed.

The doctors kept talking to us about "getting ready" and "he won't last much longer" when I told my wife that God will have to prove to me he exists.

Several days later my Uncle woke up from his coma...sat up and started talking and I was in desperate need to change my drawers.

Days after he woke up they moved him out of ICU into therapy and a few days after that he went home... a few weeks after that he was driving again.

Now, besides an issue with one of his eyes and his drastic weight loss you would never have known he was critically ill.

And my own foundation was rocked to the core.
A new year now... and I figured it was time to be a bit more open.